Monday, July 29, 2013

The Sunset Was Beautiful

This past weekend I was involved in a film shoot.

I had a small part, maybe eight lines in all, about 45 seconds of screen time, and you hardly see my face at all.

But I was there for about twelve hours in total.

I'm not complaining, I had a blast. I met some really cool people, and for the first time I saw into this world that I've been itching to get into for awhile.

And I want to do it again.

That's neat and all, but not why I'm writing this post.

Last night on the car ride home I realized something. I realized why I write these posts.

I started this blog back in 2011.

I was unemployed, depressed, and honestly rather bored.

"It keeps me busy," I told myself.

But not in the way I thought at the time.

Writing is a creative outlet, to be sure. And these blogs are a wonderful way for me to organize my very chaotic brain, and sometimes even get insight from whoever reads them.

That's fun, I like that.

August of 2011, I found a full-time job.

I stopped blogging.

I stopped going out to see bands.

I stopped hanging out with friends as much.

It just took a lot of time. Time that I didn't feel that I had anymore.

Since I didn't go out much, I had nothing of interest to put in my blog, so I stopped writing in it.

That's not true.

Last night I realized that because I stopped blogging, I stopped going out to find interesting things to do.

I blog because it pushes me to go out and get more fun stories to share.

I write because I cannot paint with this set of colors anywhere else.

It was an inspiring realization. I knew I loved writing, but I had no idea how central it was to my life.

I'll post the film when it's done being edited.

Follow yourself,