Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Because, Why Not?

I've been toying with idea for quite some time, and I just decided tonight, Fuck it, I want to do a comic.

I don't care if I have no art skills, you'll have to suffer this shit.

And, yes, I opened up with a "Your Mom" joke. What of it!?

Staring into the depths of the sun,

Oh life, how funny of a thing you are.

The calms and tides of your eternal struggles always breaking against our backs.
Teaching and tormenting but never meaning to hurt.
Like a small child your games can go too far but we always find the light in it.
I am so very grateful for all the things you've shown me.
The lessons learned.
I just wish I didn't need them.
I wonder about the things I lose when your waves crash against me.
Where would I be if not for your tide.
What would have become of this little man if you hadn't beaten these teachings into him.
Not a man most likely.
But like a small child, I will get back up.
I may shed a tear, I may sit in the sand and wonder what I did.
But I will rise again.
I see my lessons, I know the mistakes.
I am not sorry I made them. To be sorry is to regret. And my mistakes make me stronger.
I now stand before a much larger wave than before.
This one will test all that I have learned.
Every failure I've ever risen from.
I falter against it's weight, so many thoughts, so ignorant a child.
I open my eyes to see the ocean rising ever higher.
It means to take me.
I shall not give way to this.
Not again.
I am here, and I am strong.
This black sea cannot win, for I will not let it.
And I am Strong.