Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I just don't know.

I think this actually tops my Lion Zombie. Click here.

This is bloody terrifying. I'm gonna search for more disturbing animals and post them.

While you're at it, check out coconut crabs, and then don't be able to sleep for a week.

Post your favorite disturbing animal below!!

Update from life: The show is going well, my kids make me so damned happy. They are absolute goons, and I love working with them. I wish we were a little further along with building our set, but I'm very confident that it'll be up by this weekend.

Update from future: I have a few new ideas I'm going to be trying out, be sure to look at all of my blogs, as I plan on making probably two more. One that will be all comics I draw, and another that will be dedicated to rants. I had a super good name for the rant one earlier today, but it's gone now. Sad day. If y ou have any suggestions post 'em below.

Update from over there: I'm sort of at a mental block for random stories of my past, so in my free time here (which will be extremely limited these next few days) I will be working on a few comic ideas I have. I hope to refine my drawing skills so that I can draw limbs (HOLY SHIT!) and learn how to write a comic for some artist friends! I really want to get these Russian comics underway! I think you'll like them.

Also, please tell your friends about this. I know it's rather boring right now, so don't send them here for this blog, but wait 'till I get funny again, and tell everyone. I want to do this for a living.



Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Time Out Please.

Back in 2003 I was a sophomore in high school, about a month into the school year there was a shooting and two kids were killed and another is in some form of jail, I don't know, my form of copping with stuff like that is to just walk away.

I'm looking back on that in the last few weeks with a little bit of a new view.

I'm not going to say that anything that happened was even remotely ok, 'cause it wasn't. But the media, the administration, and the public made this all out to be very one sided. A stupid kid came in and killed someone. No one touched on the fact that this kids target was a bully and had been bullying him for a very long time.

Again, let me say, I do not agree with what happened that day, the lose of all those lives was very tragic and my sympathies have always gone out to those families.

A few weeks ago a student at the middle school that I went to brought a gun to school. Just a few days ago it was made aware that his intentions were to shot himself in front of those that had bullied him for so long. He was hoping to send them a message.

This kid was expelled, and being tried as a minor, so I do not, and will not know anything else about the case. But, my assumptions are that he will be put into some "bad kids" school, were everyone there are professional bullies.

What about the kids who pushed him this far?

Yea, I may be taking a little twisted view on this, but isn't this about the same degree as those homosexual students who killed themselves because they were being bullied?

We need to stop bullying before it starts, we need to treat the cause of these situations not the symptoms. We can't only punish the poor little kid who finally snaps and does something about (though in these cases they are very extreme and severe.) 

I've never been one who likes violence, but I've also always been able to just shrug off taunts and what not. But those kids who can't just walk away, why can't they stand up and make themselves into people too?

Use your head kids, and your fists if need be.

Don't ruin your lives or anyone else's, just pound a face in.

Sorry for this suddenly serious topic.


Saturday, April 16, 2011


As with the last one, you can click on the image to see a full sized copy of it.

This is in response to the media blowing some stupid shit out of proportions.

I'm having fun with these comics, tell your friends and I'll make more.


Edit: Thought you might like this:

It's kind of a hard to see shot, but I played the Fairy Godmother in a show. I LOVED IT! Sidenote: Tights are nice.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

True Story.

I know it's running into the sidebar, but if you click on the image it gets bigger and easier to see/read.

So this took me the better part of the afternoon, probably about three hours, so since it will only take you about fifteen seconds to read it, you can make up the difference by telling a couple people to come read it too!



P.S. Yes, this is a true story, save for the last bit.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Here I am!

Bare with me folks, I have lost my muse, she'll return soon I'm sure. Maybe when I get a new bottle.

I feel like I've broken my promise, I love you all?



I am refusing to look at the date of my last post. I AM SO SORRY!!!

I could give you any number of excuses but they would all be thinly veiled covers for laziness. Sorry folks, I promise I'm still here and dedicated to amusing you with my life.

One of those excuses is my job. I was recently shoved into a higher responsibility position and I'm floundering. Several of my crew read this, so I won't get into details, but it'll all be over come mid-May, and then I get back on track with this.

I think this is it for now, I'm going to start drinking, and playing World of Warcraft with my lady. Yes, I started playing WoW, I feel weird too. But it's actually quite fun when I have a pretty lady at the other end.

I'll post more later tonight.


May our hearts, again, be one,