Saturday, July 27, 2013

I Wish I Would Have Taken A Photo.

Today was an interesting day.

I made new friends, stayed busy well into the evening, and even had something happen to me that I struggle for a word to describe it.

Later in the afternoon today myself and some friends went to tour a church that they are considering buying for a theater company we all belong to.

We walked around this church, and spent the hour talking about the problems it has, and about how hard it would be to fix it up.

If everything that was said was written down on a piece of paper, and you were to read that bit of paper, you would think it a very negative experience.

That was not the case.

There is a lot of work there.


But that's not the point.

We were all looking at it with at least that touch of "There will be a lot of work to be done." not "There would be a lot of work."

It's hard to put my finger on it exactly, but these people supported this idea. That alone makes these people worth everything and more.

Walking around that church, imagining and talking and exploring, I felt like a kid again.

Not in the sense of playing around, but in the sense of it's all in front of you.

I guess you sort of need to have been an adult in order to feel that feeling from when you were a kid...That's another rant I think.

I could feel my own possibilities for my own life coming to me from that building.

Not in terms of it exactly, though that was a thing for some it, but something about it just made me feel like everything in my life will be fine.

Not that it isn't, but it will be too.

Just an interesting thought overall I felt.

Anyone else ever have that? Something or somewhere in your life just made you feel comfortable with yourself?


Feeling good,

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